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The power of choosing good | evil is within the reach of all.

 Amulet Wines. Rhone inspired, distinctly 100% Okanagan.

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Singular and focused wines that have taken the last 15 years to conceptualize and create.  

Grown in some of the best vineyard sites in the Okanagan Valley, our grapes are tended by hard working hands along with a ruthless attitude to grow quality before quantity. This approach in the vineyard enables a gentle translation in the cellar which produces honest and pure wines that are terroir driven.  Production is extremely limited and we plan to keep it that way.

Our Wines


Amulet Red

Unfiltered red wine

46% Grenache | 28% Syrah | 26% Mourvedre


Amulet White

Unfiltered white wine

90% Viognier | 10% Marsanne


Amulet Rosé

Stabilized and crossflow filtered

72% Grenache | 28% Syrah 


Our Winegrower

"Even after 16 vintages as a winemaker, I still consider myself to be a “student” of wine, as the wines, the vineyards that bear the fruit and the art of winemaking are ever evolving.


My beliefs on winemaking and life are very similar in that balance is essential and there must be passion in both.  In winemaking, I feel that the product of the passion, that which the art of winemaking must preserve, is typicity and authenticity."


Dwight Sick.


The Medallion

The Story Behind the Medallion

The medallion on our Amulet bottles is a replica recast of the original hand-struck Gold Angel coin from the Elizabethan era. First appearing in 1470, the coin depicts St Michael slaying an evil dragon. Rumoured to be Shakespeare's preferred method of payment for his services, the gold coin was also frequently worn as an Amulet to ward off evil and bring good luck to those in its possession. This concept of good vs evil plays well with the style of our Rhone inspired wines as, we believe, in order to be good we sometimes must be a little bit evil.